Welcome to Squirrel Haus Arts!

Squirrel Haus Arts founders, Michael and Donna “Spidie” Meyer, envisioned a space where creative ideas relating to Visual and Performance art, non-profits and Community could develop. The idea was to not work off a business plan but rather provide a safe and useable building to allow the arts and non-profit community dictate how it could be utilized. Our purchase of a building provided another key necessity. SPACE. Approximately 8000 square feet plus outdoor space at the front and rear of building.

 From that simple idea Squirrel Haus Arts has evolved into a vibrant space with frequent national and local gallery shows, theatrical companies rehearsal and set building. In addition Pop-up and Makers shows, experimental projects plus non-profit and community events. We handle groups large or small. 

We want our web site to spark ideas and help you envision what you might do at Squirrel Haus Arts. We would love to have a conversation with you whether it involves one of our galleries, performance area or the Build & Design space. 

Let’s talk!

“Minneapolis' best kept secret...a multi-purpose art and event space. The owners are incredibly kind and accommodating...they always set up the space however we need, help us promote events.”
-Sophia Nikitas, Anthill Productions