I'm Donna, but my friends call me Spidie. My husband Michael gave me that name; not because I can climb the sides of buildings, but because I flit from project to project like a water spider on top of a still pond. Awe! It’s a romantic description of my creativity and curiosity. I crave making things, tinkering, painting, attaching, and dis-assembling. 

In high school I was the first girl in the auto mechanics class. Yes, I know my way around a slant 6, 220 engine for a 1967 Valiant. I talked my way into a job at a daily newspaper and my graphic design career started. Fast forward 25 or 30 years in business as an Art Director add a Masters degree in Theology for the heck of it, and here we are! Making art full-time. 

Being an artist requires curiosity. I continue to hone my skills as a painter and welder, but skill is only half of the journey. Curiosity about subjects, objects and their combinations keep me interested. Life is multilayered and filled with curiosities.