October 19, 5-10pm October 20, 2-6pm


Please join OXHEART and Squirrel Haus Arts for the opening of THE UNTOUCHABLES, a two-day exhibition featuring new work by Al Wadzinski and Dick Brewer, two of Minnesota's most praised artists.

DICK BREWER lives and works in Minneapolis. A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he has exhibited nationally and internationally. Revolving around vibration and the transformation of energy, Brewer uses a 21,000 rpm die grinder to create his unique, one-of-a-kind bas-relief paintings in cast acrylic. Music and sound have been the underpinnings of his art. He listens to music and lets it guide his movements, a collaborative experience that comes to vibrant life in cast acrylic.

Brewer has been awarded both Bush and McKnight Fellowships. His work is in numerous private and public collections, including the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnesota Museum of Art, Weisman Museum, and in the corporate collections of Dayton Hudson Foundation, General Mills, and Prudential of America, among others.

AL WADZINSKI is a resident of Minneapolis, where he lives with his wife and son. His up-cycled artwork embodies everything from wild tribal masks to shimmering animal wall busts of intimidating and entertaining complexity to larger-than-life showroom sculptures.

Artist statement: In working with found objects I am very involved in process. The pieces may be sewn, hammered, welded or bolted together. I try to use them objectively and though I appreciate that reusing materials helps better the earth, my art isn’t quite meant as a “green” platform. I am merely trying to see beauty in the objects no matter how unwanted they may appear. I don’t have to worry about having enough materials, I just have to worry about how to put it all together to evoke more of an understanding. My cornerstone might be a twisted piece of plastic, something so mundane or something very valuable.



October 26th, 11-2pm, $40

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Learn how to breathe new life into your clothing using various textile techniques to mend, patch, or add embellishment using slow and mindful hand-stitching.

TARE Market Website: https://www.thetaremarket.com

Tickets: https://www.thetaremarket.com/product/mindful-mending-october-26/

The event on the ticket site is incorrect. It’s really at Squirrel Haus.