Michael retired after a 40 year career in the recorded music industry representing domestic and international record labels and artists. He wears many hats at SHA and enjoys interacting and scheduling those interested in using the facility. It’s a toss up if he is most happy in his SHA workshop, or driving his old truck (George) to the lumber yard. Michael was tagged with the nickname “Bear” based on his volunteer work with children. He has volunteered for many organizations such as: McDonalds Ranch, Redwood Rescue Mission, AT&T Pebble Beach, International Justice Mission and NEMAA in Minneapolis. Summers you can find him as a boat Captain taking senior citizens for a weekly cruise on Lake Minnetonka. He was born in Los Angeles and relocated to Minneapolis in 1975. He has two adult children and two grandchildren. 

I'm Donna, but my friends call me Spidie. I got that nickname from Michael because of the way I flit from project to project like a WATER SPIDER. I am a painter and sculptor. I have a studio at Squirrel Haus on the mezzanine and a welding station behind George the truck. My days are filled with art and loving Michael who I’ve been blessed to have married in 2004. Having artists, community leaders, and theater people use SHA for their projects gives me the greatest joy. I was born in New Jersey in the shadow of New York City, I attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and I have the pleasure of working with students to provide them a space to show their work.
You can see some of my projects my website